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telegram Link generator bot
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Hi friends!! This tutorial is about How can I convert Telegram to link? We will do it by some special Files to link Telegram bot.

What is a bot in telegram ??
Bot in telegram just like apps. Can do many things.

Bots added unique features for telegram users. Telegram has different types of bots which can do many things. like :

  • They can translate the language into other languages. So you can talk with your foreign friends without knowing the language.
  • They can upload files from telegram to other cloud networks. 
  • They can download files from the cloud network to telegram.
  • Some artificially intelligent bots can talk like human beings. 
  • They can reply with specific keywords. It’s beneficial for group management.
  • They can edit photos, and videos, generate links from provided files, and many more.

Now here we will discuss link generator bots and their uses. 

  🔗 Link🔗 generator bot: This type of bot can generate a temporary or permanent link from a file that the user forward to the bot. It’s so useful when you need to download files in the background or need to share file links with your friend. Here are some useful telegram Link generator bot :
Start the bot then forward the file to this bot. You will get a temporary link to download or share. 
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