Upload file from telegram to pdisk

Hi friends !! This tutorial is about how you can upload telegram file to pdisk. 

You know PDisk is a video hosting provider. They offer unlimited online storage, powerful uploading and streaming tools to you. Also you can earn by sharing your video link with your friends. 

How to upload file from telegram to pdisk: 
Steps 1:
Go to telegram and seach this bot name @PDiskRobot or you can open this bot by simply Clicking here : https://t.me/PDiskRobot

Steps 2: 
Start the bot and click menu then click/pdisk. Now you have to join their channel for more updates about the bot.

Steps 3: 
Click menu then /pdisk again or write /pdisk
Steps 4 : 
Click here 
Open this link

Steps 5: 
Go browser settings and enable desktop mode. If you browse it in computer then you skip this steps.

Steps 6:
Copy your id code.
Steps 7:
Go to the bot and write /pdisk<space>id code 

Then you will get this massage.
Steps 8: 
Forward you file which you want to upload in pdisk.

Wait some time. After completion go to your pdisk account and check it. You will see like this:

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