Top 5 anonymous chat telegram

 Anonymous chat Telegram.
Anonymous chat Telegram.


 Anonymous chat Telegram

Hi friends !! This article is about How can anonymous chat on Telegram?  Or How can I find strangers on Telegram? People are interested in talking with an unknown person and want to make new friends around the world. So anonymous chat is a very interesting thing (one kind of omegle telegram bot) by which you can talk and make friends around the world. It’s also beneficial to that person who wants to practice speaking English. There have some telegram bots for anonymous chatting. 

What is anonymous chat ??

It’s a type of chatting like Messenger but your partner is unknown. Both of you can talk about anything if you do not like your partner then you can change the partner with just one click. Your partner will be selected randomly by app or bots. 

Now the question: Is anonymous chat bot Telegram safe? 

Yes, I also tried all of these bots. All are safe. Don’t share your personal information. Otherwise, it can be harmful to you.

Link Anonymous Chat Telegram Indonesia As well as worldwide :

best anonymous chat bot telegram


1. Anonymous Chat bot:
Bot commands:
/search Find a partner
/next Stop current dialog and find a new partner
/stop Stop current dialog
/help How to use bot
/setting change your gender
Bot link:

2. AnonyMeet
Bot commands:
/start – Search for a new partner.
/next – This will interrupt the current conversation, and start searching for a new one.
/end – Interrupt the current conversation.
/report – Reports the current user in conversation or in your previous conversation.
/settings – Change your profile settings.
/feedback – Sends a comment to the developer.
/help – Shows this message
Bot link:


3. Anonymous Chat
Bot commands:
/search — find a new partner
/next — stop this dialog and find a new partner
/stop — stop this dialog
/sharelink — send a link to your Telegram account to your partner
/settings — change your gender and other settings
/rules — read the rules

Bot link:

4. AnonimeChatBot
Bot link: 

5. Anonymous Chat
Bot link:

How to use the Anonymous Chat Telegram bot? 

You don’t need any extra capability to use all of these bots. Just click start and then follow the bot instructions.

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