Earn money from YouTube Shorts.

Earn money from YouTube Shorts.
Earn money from YouTube Shorts.

The short-term videos have been popular by the Tiktok. Highlighting this issue, the shorts feature was launched on YouTube. Shorts has already become a popular YouTube feature.


You can usually upload videos and earn money from YouTube as well as earn money from short videos on YouTube. YouTube’s revenue from YouTube shorts is a bit different than the original monitor feature.
Let’s take a look at what YouTube shorts are, how to create YouTube terms and how to make income from YouTube shorts.

What is YouTube shorts?

YouTube shorts is a collection of videos of the vertical format of 60 second or less. YouTube mainly added features like tiktok and Instagram rels in YouTube app.
In addition to original short records and uploads, other video’s sounds can also be used to create shorts.

YouTube shorts creation rules:

There are several ways to upload YouTube shorts. If you upload any video of the vertical aspect ratio, it will be as shorts. The shorts can also be created using the “Create” option on YouTube videos. There is also an opportunity for uploading by recording videos on the YouTube as usual system.
Follow the steps for creating shorts directly in YouTube app:
1. Login to YouTube app
2. Tap the Create ( + ) button in the right middle of the app.
3. Tap on “Create a Short”
5.tap on the 15 above to create a 15 sec longer length of Short.
6. Note that the length of shorts Max 60 seconds can be recorded in the video.
7. You can increase or reduce video speed by selecting Speed.
8. Also the ability to record the hands-free video by taping on Timer.
9. Tap the capture button to start the record and press the same button again to close the record.
10. Tap Done when the video is recorded
Tap Next to choose video title, privacy settings, etc.
11.Select Audience select your video audience.
12.Tap on UPLOAD to your shorts publishing

How to earn from YouTube shorts:

YouTube monitizing program needs to be included in order to generate revenue from YouTube videos. However, YouTube shorts fund allows any creator to earn through YouTube shorts.
The bonus was originally launched by YouTube to encourage the contributors. Let’s take a look at what shorts fund is and how anyone can earn from the shorts fund.

What is shorts fund:

YouTube shorts fund is a fund of 100 million US dollars of equalent value, which will be paid to eligible creatives between 2021 and 2022. One condition creator per month can get 100 to 10000 US dollars in terms of bonus.
You can upload the shorts and earn if you not included with monitization program on YouTube. Bonus of shorts depends on the monthly views of the channel and the location of the audience. So if you upload shorts, none can’t guarantee the money you receive.

How to get bonus on shorts fund?

The creator who creates original shorts will get bonus from the shorts fund. Not even a YouTube Partner, Channel shorts will get the bonus. In other words, anyone can get bonus from YouTube shorts.
YouTube authorities will provide bonuses to eligible creatives based on previous month’s short performance each month. All shorts will be added to the video’s performance in metrics. This means that all of the new videos can be accessed through shorts.
The list of channels available in the shorts bonus will be refreshed every month. That means if you don’t have the shorts bonus in a month, you can get the next month.
Let’s know who will get the bonus on YouTube shorts fund. Get the bonus of the shorts fund:
  • At least one shorts must be uploaded to the channel in the past 180 days.
  • The channel comply with the YouTube community guidelines, copyright rules and manipulations policy.
  • Channels on which other social media platforms have logos or watermarks will be excluded.
  • If you upload content from another creator, or upload clips from movies, or TV shows, the channel shorts bonus won’t be available.
  • The creator must be at least 13 year old or more.
  • How to claim shorts bonus.
  • Terms performances may get bonuses if compliance with the rules specified in the previous section. On a channel shorts bonus, YouTube authorities will inform via email and through notification from date 8 of the month.
  • It is important to keep an eye on e-mail and notification for claiming YouTube shorts bonus. If the bonus is not reached on the 25 date season of the month, the bonus will be over.
If you receive bonus email or notifications, Accept “Terms & Conditions” and link your YouTube channel to your Google AdSense account. If you are already on your monetization program is not included in the stay, however, Terms & Conditions accepted when the bonus AdSense account will receive.
The process of YouTube channel links can take a few days with AdSense account. Once this process is complete, you will receive confirmation email from YouTube.

Bonus payment withdrawal:

If the bonus of the funds is claimed , the money is withdrawable from the AdSense. If you wish to receive a payment from your Adsense account on date from 21 to 26 of the month.
If your AdSense payment is withdrawable, you will need to fill in the payment details first. For this reason, you will need to add a bank account of the same name as your Google account to your Adsense account.
Please note that once the bonus is completed, the funds will be credited into the AdSense account. AdSense authorities usually send 21 dates to an automatic payment of the month. In this case, bank money usually moves in 5 business days.

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