The Longest Lasting headphones UPTO 65 HOURS in 2022

Space series headphone and earbuds

Space Q45:

You guys know soundcore, they’re one of anker’s brands.

And these are the new soundcore q45s as well as the soundcore a40s.

I’m personally excited because soundcore makes some really good

affordable products that I find myself recommending a lot. so i’m

pumped to see their latest and greatest 

In the box after unboxing Q45:

  1. Hard shell carrying case
  2. Space q45s 
  3. A usb a to c power cable  
  4. 3.5 millimeter cable 
Space Q45 & Space A40 full specification

Feature Space Q45               Space A40
Sound Hi-Res Wireless,
Hi-Res, LDAC
Hi-Res Wireless,
Active Noise
Adaptive ANC Adaptive ANC
Playtime 65H (ANC off),
50H (ANC on)
10H (50H with case)
Fast Charging 5 mins = 4 hours 10 mins = 4 hours
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.3, AUX Bluetooth 5.2
Calls 2 mics with AI algorithm 6 mics with AI algorithm
Charging Port USB-C USB-C
soundcore App
Recommended For Travel, flight, train, commute Calls, commute, travel

Actual headphones 

These are really lightweight and really good looking 

There’s no metal to be found on this 

The overall look is very solid 

In the box after unboxing space a40

  1. USB a to c cable
  2. Total of five different size options including the ones on the actual buds
  3. The earbuds 

Space A40 earbuds cap

Actual earbuds

  • Pretty minimal design 
  • Little reflective which i think looks kind of cool 
  • Big sound core logo on the sides but it’s a very simple minimal design 
  • I think the look is clean 

These are the new space series headphones and earbuds figure,let’s get to know these things a little bit better 

These actually have a pretty interesting design when it comes to the hinge you can see it kind of like goes into the band itself i think that’s pretty cool 

seamless sliding design

I like this design I’m glad that it is completely foldable so it can fold it can rest flat all the movements that you want out of a pair of over ear headphones 

Space Q45 full specification

On the right side 

We of course have our 3.5 millimeter jack 

Play and pause button 

Volume controls 

Space Q45 full specification

Left side 

We have usb C port 

Power button 

Noise canceling button 

Controls on the earbuds 

Double tap to play 

Double tap to pause 

That’s about the only controls on these . anything else you’d want to do you just have to pick up your phone 

In Front of the case

LED indicators to let you know how the battery life is

In the back of the case 

USB C port and your pairing button 

So you can pair it up to whatever device you want 

Active noise cancellation 

Cut out 98 of noise around you which is kind of nuts

Comfortable price

Space q45 :150 bucks 

And Space A40: 100 bucks 

So for their categories these are pretty inexpensive. These are active noise canceling Bluetooth headphones as well as active noise canceling Bluetooth earbuds usually these you can easily find these for like 200 bucks, 300 bucks so these are really really affordable . I like the way that both of these sound and considering this is just a hundred bucks it’s actually pretty impressive now feature-wise these both have active noise cancellation but the headphones also have transparency modes so you got that feature too now another feature that they have is multi-point connection so this should be able to pair with multiple devices at once!! 

Mic quality 

A40 has 6 built-in microphones 

and Q45 got 2

q45 have 2 noise canceling mics 

Space Q45 Battery life

with active noise cancellation: 50 hours of battery life

Without active noise cancellation: 65 hours 

Quick charge feature

Let’s say you’re at zero you charge these for five minutes you get four hours of battery life usually with you know five to ten minutes you get like an hour and a half four hours

A40 earbuds battery life 

Single charge: you get 10 hours of battery life 

With the case: you get 50. 

battery life of Space A40n

That is by far the largest number I’ve seen on a pair of earbuds ever which is just mind-blowing 

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