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Plasma chatGPT & Image AI Assistant
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The Plasma AI bot (Number one Ai chat bot telegram ) is powered by 0xPlasma Labs and integrates the most functional telegram ai chat bot. It has exceptional features of both #ChatGPT 4 (Chat AI) and #Midjourney 5 (Image AI) into one seamless experience. You have the option to utilize the bot in personal chats or add it to your Telegram community to enhance engagement

What can this bot do?

Choose Text /text from the menu and send the bot a detailed question or task for text generation;

– Or choose Image /image and send the bot a detailed description for generating images.

Popular tasks for Plasma AI bots: write a Twitter or Instagram post, solve a math problem or find an answer to a standardized exam, create the structure and content for a website, write an article, translate text, compose a product presentation, develop a marketing strategy, etc.

Plasma AI bot is integrated with leading market AI services chatGPT 4 (text generation) and Midjourney 5 (image generation).
Access to chatGPT 4 and Midjourney 5 models is available only for paid users. Free users have access to chatGPT 3.5 and Stable Diffusion models.

How to Use:

How to start working with the text bot chatGPT 4

Quick method:

Open the bot ( Plasma chatGPT & Image AI Assistant ) via the link  ( Check the link below), choose the AI Text mode and send the bot your message with a task in the chat, for example: “Write me a marketing strategy for a bicycle manufacturing business”, “translate the following text into Chinese: what is your name?”, or “write me an Instagram post on the topic of the psychology of relationships between men and women”.
Remember, the more detailed request you send to the bot, the more accurate answer you will get from chatGPT.

Expert Mode:

You can set up the bot ( Plasma chatGPT & Image AI Assistant ) for more professional use by going to the bot settings menu to configure:
Text model: select the AI bot model you want to use for generating answers. You can read more about the bot models in our article.

Maximum characters: you can set the number of characters in the bot’s response from 1000 to 8000 characters
Auto-translator: turn on the auto-translator so that the bot’s response text is always in your chosen language.
Context: with context enabled, the bot will remember the 5 previous question-answer pairs, allowing you to build a sequential dialogue with it. If you want to reset the conversation context, simply turn off this mode.

Technical information: when this feature is enabled, each answer will indicate the number of tokens in the request, response, the total amount deducted from the balance, as well as the parameters used for generation.
Roles: you can choose one of 160 professional roles for the bot. Don’t forget to turn off this feature if you want to chat with the main bot again.

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How to create images using Midjourney 5:

in Plasma chatGPT & Image AI Assistant bot
The Plasma GPT AI bot is integrated with 9 popular models for generating images. Access to the Midjourney 5 model is only available for paid users.

To select the model you need, select the Settings ➡️ Image Model section and choose the required model.
Before sending a request to the bot for image generation, select the Image mode in the main menu.
Send the bot a request with a text description of the image you want to generate. The more details and styles you suggest to the bot, the more professional the image will create for you.
Here are examples of requests in English (but you can also write in Russian):

Example 1.
Iron Man is made of azulejo’s white, red and blue, gold details, rococo style, sculpture statue porcelain white and gold marble, Intricate detail, Middle shot portrait, ultra high details, large eyes, Cinematic lighting, ultra high definition, art station, Smooth, sharp focus, Photorealism, Photography, Realistic Detail, Depth of field, 8k, Full HD, 3d, Super resolution, octane render, Long exposure, unreal engine

Example 2.
Paper quilling illustration, isometric, 3d – geometric illustration, a beautiful view of a Tang Dynasty court lady, dynamic pose, clear facial features, facing viewers, wearing face powder, rouge, lipsticks, darkened eyelashes. She wears a long and flowing silk dress decorated with intricate embroidery, the dress with loose sleeves and a high waistline, with multiple layers of long, flowing robes. Her hairstyle is a cloud bun, which is a high bun wrapped in silk and adorned with jewels, the lady stands in auspicious clouds
In the sky, looking down at the landscape
, pastel, exquisite color, – – v 5

Example 3.
Zack Snyder’s Queen Mera of Atlantis underwater portrait in chiaroscuro gold green black& white graphite pencil, hard-key side light, golden-green armor, red lips, fierce eyes, moody, wet, rain, shiny, hyperrealism, cinematic lighting.

You can also upload your image from the photo album to the chat as a reference and indicate your prompt for generating a new image based on the uploaded one in the comments.
Bot payment.

Access to chatGPT 4 and Midjourney 5 models is only available for paid users.
When you pay for the bot, you purchase tokens – symbols. 1 token corresponds to 4 characters in English or 1 character in Russian.
Tokens are purchased for one month, and unused tokens burn at the end of the term.

Bot link:

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