How to use true caller app.

Many people call Truecaller app the best contact manager and dialer app. The app is so feature-rich that most of the features are not used by many users. 

In this post, you will learn more about the rules for opening a Truecaller account and some of the features required by the Truecaller app.

What is Truecaller?

Truecaller is an Android and iOS app that tells people who is making calls on the phone. Truecaller can come in handy to protect against cunning telemarketers, spam calls or cheating.
True caller can use their information to collect contact information from users and various providers to distinguish spam and secure calls. 
Truecaller is a very useful app to know the identity of an unfamiliar caller along with spam calls.
Truecaller basically identifies the number with the phone book of all users. In the eyes of many, this is a privacy issue. 
However, Truecaller’s alternative fair VAR to find out the identity of the unknown caller.
Is Truecaller app free?
The Truecaller app can be downloaded and used for free. However, to use some premium features and stop advertising, you need to buy a paid plan.
Rules for creating a Truecaller account
To use Truecaller app, you need to create a Truecaller account first. 

To create a Truecaller account:

1. Download Truecaller: Android / iOS
2.Install and open the Truecaller app
Select country and enter phone number, Press Continue
3.Provide name, email and address, press Continue
4.Complete the sign-in process by following the instructions shown on the screen
You can also create an account using Google or Facebook.

Best features of Truecaller app

You can use the Truecaller app after creating an account. Although there are many features in the app, I will learn about some important features that will come in handy in everyday life.

Recording phone calls

Using the Truecaller app, Android users can record incoming and outgoing calls. If Truecaller app is set as the default phone and contact app, this feature works well.
All calls can be recorded automatically, and any calls can be recorded manually. In addition, keeping the backup in the Truecaller app, the call recording and saving is in the backup.
Recording manually is much easier. Only tap the call recording feature during the call. Calls can be recorded before and during calls.
The Truecaller app’s Auto Call Recording feature can only be used on Android. To start the feature: select Call Recordings from the side menu
Go to Settings
Turn on the Auto Record feature
Contact and call list backup
Backing up all data on the phone is an important task. Truecaller app has the opportunity to backup contacts, call history, block lists, call logs, settings, etc. This backup is saved in the Google Drive account.
To start Truecaller app backup:
Enter the app and tap on the menu on the left.
Select Settings and then tap Backup.
Select Enable Backup and follow the instructions shown on the screen to backup your Google account
To restore the Truecaller Backup on the new phone:
Tap Settings from the Truecaller app’s menu
Select Backup and log in with a previously logged in Google account
Restore the backup as shown on the screen.
Look-up numbers using the camera
One of the interesting features of Truecaller app is the convenience of scanning numbers with the camera using the app. 
When you see the number on a paper or on a poster on the street, you can scan the number using this feature of the Truecaller app.
This feature is quite easy to use. By entering the app and tapping the QR scan sign at the end of the search bar, the camera will open.
If you look at the camera at a number, you can see the information of that number. Using this feature, the trouble of typing numbers can be avoided.
Truecaller symbols
The most common but functional feature of Truecaller is the symbols shown per call. These symbols will show the status of the person on the other side of the phone.
For example, if a contact has a green dot, the person can be called. If you see a red dot, you should know that this person is already in a call.
Causes of call
Some people do not receive calls from unfamiliar numbers at all. Even after displaying the name in the Truecaller, many avoid calls. 
In such a situation,” Caller Reason ” is the feature to set the reason for calling the person who is calling in the Truecaller app.
If you set the reason for the call, the person being called may know the reason for the call and be interested in picking up the call.
Call Reason feature can only be used on Android devices. To launch the feature:
Enter the app and select Settings from the menu
Enter the General option and tap Call Reason.
Then conveniently set Call Reason for all calls or specific contacts.
Call alert
Truecaller app informs about incoming calls before the call arrives and rings. This helps prevent any sudden ringing of calls. To use this feature, the notification permission must be kept on. 
Again, entering the phone settings and turning off the notification, the feature will be turned off.
Can anyone find out if they search for a profile in Truecaller?
Truecaller paid subscribers will receive a notification if someone searches their profile in the app. 
How to delete your own number from Truecaller ??
It is possible to remove the number with your own name from the Truecaller database. To delete or unlock your number from Truecaller, you must first deactivate your Truecaller account (if any) and then uninstall the app and unlock your number from the unlocking page of the Truecaller website.

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