Most important Gmail features which you should know.

In fact, Google’s email service will follow Gmail. While using this service with numerous features of productivity, Gmail remains unused with numerous unique features.

In this post we will learn about some of the useful features of Gmail which will improve your experience of using Gmail. Most of these features require computers to use.
 However, using the desktop mode from mobile to Chrome browser, you can use the computer version of Gmail.
You may need to access Gmail settings to use the features shown in this post. Gmail settings : enter
2.Change log if Gmail/Google account is not logged in.
3. Then click on the Settings icon next to your profile picture in the top corner on the right.
4. Then click on See all Settings button
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Gmail has an unmended feature after sending email. Email sets can be unlocked for 5, 10, 20 and 30 seconds later. This feature set:
* Login to Gmail settings
* Select General tab
* Undo send will see an option
* Next to this will be 5, 10, 20 and 30 seconds from which you select email to be unmended in seconds.
* The message sent from next time after sending an email can be unlocked until the time selected by clicking on the “Undero” option on the screen.
Import emails from other email websites:
Suppose you have more than one email account, you can receive all mail accounts at the same time. The feature started:
Login to Gmail settings
Click the Account and Import tab
Check email from other accounts staying beside Add an email account click Add reported email account
Email accounts can be added to a Gmail account until the total check is reached.
Smart search using search operators
Search operators are some specific search tags to search in Gmail. Some common search operators can be used as:
by typing “subject” dinner”, the email you specify in the dinner word can be found on the subject line
the mail reads” has:YouTube ” will show you YouTube videos in the mail
if you search for” is:unread”, show all unread messages
typing” dinner-movie ” reads as dinner but not to mention the movie, The Mail may be found.
There are many Gmail search operators like this. For more Gmail search operators, see Gmail Support.
Gmail add-ons
Third party add-on is also available in Gmail. Using these add-on to increase Gmail functionality and add new features. Enter Gmail settings and click on the Add-ons tab and click Manage to see the Google Workspace Matketplace for add-on. Here you can search or add an add-on from the next hamburger menu.
Gmail preview panel
Gmail preview panel
Gmail has the ability to check email without leaving the inbox. The e-mail preview pan associated next to the Inbox provides an extensive convenience to browse emails quickly. This feature was launched:
Login to Gmail settings
Select the Inbox tab
Start Reading pane settings
You can also select where the preview panel can be viewed below the Reading pane position.
Email schedule
Setting email on Gmail is one of the most important features. It’s easy to schedule emails from both mobile and computer.
Remove unnecessary tabs
By default, the tabs on primary, social, promotion, updates, forums, etc are added to Gmail. However, if not necessary, there is a chance to remove extra tabs easily. Gmail tabs manage:
Login to Gmail settings
Select the Inbox tab
Then deselect the tabs that you don’t need.
Providing account access to others
You may need to share your Gmail account with someone else at any time. However, there is no need to share the account’s login ID or password to share an account. You can access your account from another Gmail user if you want. You can read, send and delete Gmail messages.
Gmail account access was provided without sharing a password to anyone else:
Login to Gmail settings
Click Account and Import
Grant access to your account
Gmail desktop notification
Gmail e-mail actually has the feature of a computer notification. To activate this feature, first enter the settings and select the options next to the Desktop Notifications. Then Click here to enable dekstop notifications for Gmail, select it, a pop-up to see it, Allow him the computer for Gmail notifications turn, will become.

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